We offer ground improvement and geotechnical value-added solutions from concept to execution. Results often exceed performance criteria, with significant cost savings to client.

Vibro Compaction
The Vibro Compaction technique consists of the use of vibro-flottes to increase the density of reclaimed or native materials.

Vibro Replacement (Stone Columns)
An effective method used for the improvement of soft clays, mixed clay deposits, silt, sand and fine sand. This reduces the liquefaction potential of fine sand when the water table is at a shallow depth.

Surface Compaction
This includes compaction of shallow depth soils, which is achieved by means of an impact/vibratory roller. The method is effective for granular soils with fine content of less than 10% or in soil that is suitable for compaction.

Geotechnical Investigation
Cone Penetration Test

This is done before and after ground improvement geotechnical investigations. We are able to conduct a CPT (Cone Penetration Test) using our in-house mobile test vehicle. The CPT is the most common in-situ testing method used worldwide. It is carried out to determine geotechnical engineering properties and soil stratigraphy.

Vibro Coring & Geophysical Survey
We offer a fully integrated capability that includes geophysical surveys (bathymetry, sub-bottom profiler, side scan sonar and interpretation) and vibro coring for sand search and sampling purposes offshore.