Project Name:

Project Description

Abu Dhabi Municipality awarded us the Corniche Beach Development Project, to provide a beachfront of international standards. 

Stretching approximately 4 km along Corniche Road, the Abu Dhabi Corniche Public Beach is the city’s premier beach location, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Work included the construction of a 3.5 km long beachfront. Approximately 3.5 million m³ of materials were dredged and used for the reclamation of the new beach.


- Rehabilitation of existing Corniche Beach to extend it to Airport Road.
- Dredging and shaping of sand to form new beaches.
- The beach is protected by floating barriers and marker buoys.


- The project posed a significant challenge due to its close proximity to the general public.
- The beach could not be closed completely.
- Our work was closely monitored for eco-friendliness and strictly adhered to.
- Environmental controls ensured our activities did not harm the fragile ecosystem.

Project Details

Client Abu Dhabi Municipality
Location Abu Dhabi , U.A.E
Period 2012 – 2012
Contract Prime Contractor