NMDC Marine Logistics consists of qualified experts with years of industry experience.

The business unit provides a wide variety of services which include:
Project Logistics: includes the transfer of various cargo, materials and equipment from source to destination.

Marine Logistics & Offshore Support Services: we own and operate a diversified fleet of vessels and barges; including cargo barges, positioning barges, tugs, multi-cats, crew boats, accommodation barges and landing craft.

Towage and barge operations: our fleet ranges from 250 HP to 4000 HP tugs, and from 1,200 DWT to 12,000 DWT barges that transport all types of cargo and rock.

Tugs are well suited for various tasks ranging from barge handling and general towage to supporting dredging operations.

We are committed to offering environmentally sound, sustainable and innovative logistical solutions to each and every one of our clients.