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Project Description & Scope

In early 2013, Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer) embarked on its refinery expansion program, the Carbon Black & Delayed Coker project. Part of the scope included the installation of the 5th sea water intake pipe and the construction of a causeway leading to a Marine Terminal and Jetty Facilities, dredging of a navigation channel to accommodate bulk carrier vessels of 25,000 DWT (40,000 DWT in future) and a 375 m diameter turning the basin to -13.00 m CD 

NMDC was awarded the dredging and backfilling works of the trench for the installation of the water intake pipes. Total length of the trench was approximately 4.2 Km of varying depths from -0.5m JDCD to -20m JDCD. Two Cutter Dredgers (a medium-sized for the shallow part and a jumbo for the deep areas) were mobilized for this project because of the time frame and the variation in the depths. 

The work that began at the end of January 2013, was completed well within the project completion time limit in April 2013. Installation of the pipes by a third party is ongoing and was completed in August 2013, for NMDC to complete the backfilling of the trench. 

NMDC was also awarded the contract to dredge the navigational channel which is approximately 2 Km in length and a 375 m diameter turning basin for the Marine Facilities. The works started in the middle of May 2013 and is targeted for completion in the first half of 2014 on schedule. 

A total of 2.75 M cu.m.of material of various soil types will have to dredged and disposed off to an onshore area about 3.6 Km away.

Project Details

Client Takreer
Location Ruwais , U.A.E
Period 2013 – 2013
Contract sub-Contractor