Project Name:


The East Sitra Town reclamation contract is a mega project that will be utilized by the Ministry of Housing for its Housing Development projects, on which more than 5,000 houses will be constructed. 


cope involves the reclamation of approximately 540 hectares over a series of islands off the coastal area East of Sitra, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The plots require approximately 25 million cubic metres of dredged sand from several borrow areas in the vicinity of the reclamation site. 

The project also involves reclamation of adjacent plots as part of Bahrain’s National Oil and Gas expansion, as well as other industrial and government use. 

Other activities comprise the following

- Geotechnical investigation of the proposed reclamation area before filling works starts.

- Construction of retaining bund to contain the filled materials in the reclamation area and to prevent siltation and soil erosion.

- Silt Curtains at a distance (according to EIA provided by client) from the discharge point(s) of reclamation area(s) and at the dumping dredging pit(s) to prevent silt plumes from migrating towards nearby sensitive receptors and to help maintain water quality standards adopted by Kingdom of Bahrain.

-RO Plant and Sewerage Treatment Plant for the camp (only if required).
Waste / Wastewater Management Activities for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes generated on site.

-The total duration of the contract is 30 months.

Project Details

Client Ministry of Housing BH
Location Sitra, Bahrain
Period 2014 - ongoin
Contract Prime Contractor