Project Name:


YAS Island Beach work was awarded to NMDC to carry out the complete nourishment of the existing beach on a design and build basis.This beach is the only public beach on YAS island which serves the general public and all the prestigious hotels in the island. The beach is 450 m long with a profile extending more than 75 m into the sea. 


Dredging of the existing material and disposing it to the designated area, qty of 150,000 m3.
Importing from offshore, filling and trimming of under layer selected sand material, qty 100,000 m3.
Importing from offshore, filling and trimming of white beach sand material, qty 95,000 m3.
Modifications to the existing groins and beach buoy lines.


The first challenge of this project was the duration, as the project included both design and build and had to be completed within 85 days. NMDC took the challenge to complete the project just before the major event on the island (THE GRAND PRIX) was scheduled. 

Another challenge was transporting the beach sand material to the island from offshore; the major problem encountered was the height of the available hoppers that did not allow them to pass under the HH. SHK Khalifa Bridge ,which was the only access channel for the project. 

Project Details

Client ALDar
Location Abu Dhabi , U.A.E
Period 2012 – 2012
Contract EPC Contractor