Name: Arzana
Type & capacity:Hopper dredger & 6000 m3
Year of built:2018
Place of built:ROYAL IHC , The Netherlands
Deadweight:9591 tonnes
Lightweight:5128 tonnes
Overall Length:109 m
Breadth:25 m
Depth:7.6 m
Dredging depth:35 m
Diameter suction pipe:1000 mm
Diameter discharge pipe:900 mm
Draghead:1 x Wild dragon
Dredge pump:1 x Singe walled / HRMD 202-43-100 / 3690 kW
Heavy Fuel oil:695 m3
Marine diesel oil:168 m3
Technical Fresh water:126 m3
Total Installed power:9674 kW
Main Engines:2 x Wartsila 8L32 (4240 kW each)
Main Generators:2 x Seimens (4278 kVA each)
Main deck crane:1 x Liebherr (30 tons at 25 m)
Safety system:IHCSystems
Propulsion control system:Wartsila